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Lowrance Electronics Inc. is an extremely well-known brand when it comes to fish finding equipment. In fact, it has been said that 4 of every 5 tournament fishermen rely on their devices. Let's then examine a few of the Lowrance fish finders on the market, and see if they are really that much different from the other brands.

Humminbird 570

First, there is the M68C S/MAP. It is associated with Lowrance's line of compact fish finders. It features a 200 KHz, single frequency transducer, a 3.5 inch color display of 320 x 240 resolution, a maximum power output of 800 W, and a depth penetration of up to 600 ft. Additionally, it has a built-in GPS system. All of that helps make the device very ideal for smaller, open boats that always fish around the specified depth. Having a power of 200 Khz, a good definition of the ocean bottom (and any fish inside it) will be obtained, and achieving a good color display ensures its readability even just in direct sunlight.

Second is the X67C fish finder. It belongs to Lowrance's ice machine category. It also has a 200 KHz, single frequency transducer, and a 3.5 inch color display of 320 x 240 resolution. However, it features a higher maximum power output of 1500 W, along with a depth penetration of 590 ft. The device is good for general ice fishing purposes, although the power and penetration is a little lower compared to some of its competitors. Around the plus side, its transducer can be interchanged with a regular one, enabling so that it is used sometimes of the year.

Then there's the X136 DF. It's a full-size, professional quality fish finder, with a 50/200 KHz dual-frequency transducer, a 5 inch monochrome display of 480 x 480 resolution, an optimum power output of 4000 W, and therefore a deeper penetration of up to 2500 ft. Additionally, it has a host of other fish tracking features such as the FishReveal, sonar alarms, and too many others to list out. It is the device of preference when going out to complete deep-sea fishing, and the specs are comparable to other devices.

In the end, Lowrance's product lines can provide the requirements on most fishermen, whether they fish on shallow water, ice, or even the deep sea. If you are out looking a high quality device for your own personel fishing needs, check them out today.

Please keep in mind when shopping for Lowrance Fish finders [1] online, that you will get what you pay for, so shop smart.