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Singapore is really a land of numerous varied opportunities. However a recently launched 12-month Profitable Mentorship Programme is just irresistible. Just watch and see it blossom because it is destined to be the number one most popular programme in Singapore. Let me let you know why.

Are you aware that more individuals have become very wealthy in the Education and Employment business? Many government leaders, business leaders and people are becoming into these explosive business opportunities. Are you going to miss this earning opportunity?

They have amassed great wealth simply because they saw two very important trends.

The first important trend is the booming big opportunities. The worldwide education market is estimated to become worth US$ 2.2 trillion. Singapore is well-poised to tap the growing education market because of its strong academic reputation, excellent infrastructure, business hub standing and cosmopolitan society.

Everyone knows the more you study, the greater you earn. The like top of school going students, you can find thousands and thousands of individuals between 20 to 49 years of age who definitely are interested in furthering the amount.

The amount of foreign students from Asia is staggering. Are you aware that in 2005 China exported 118,500 students, India a lot more than 100,000 students and Indonesia thousands of students? Singapore is really a favourite destination because to them Singapore is nearer compared to United States or the Uk which is more affordable. So you can find many ordinary those who have become agents making a nice income in the education business.

An article within the Singapore Straits Times on 9 February 2009 mentioned that even though the economy is down, foreign student arrivals here are up. It cited an example of a 20 years old Indian student who initially wanted to study in Britain but her parents chose to send her to Singapore to study in a private school for any British degree at 1 / 3 of the price.

On the day that, the newspapers also reported that education is turning out to be a recession-proof business. It mentioned that student recruitment agents noted that Asian parents are continuing to invest on education, despite the recession, even if they have to make other sacrifices.

The 2nd important trend is the serious big problems of unemployment and retrenchment. Thus people need a job. So if you give them employment they will pay out for this.

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For example take the nurses in India and China. They might be paid say around S$ 200 monthly. Some of them may therefore choose to come to Singapore in which a nurse might be paid say near to S$2,000 monthly. If you might help them by getting a job for them and giving them training you may make a good income.

Therefore, if you're able to find out the two trends above you may make money too. Harriet is really a licensed private business school in addition to a registered employment agency in Singapore. It has 73 educational and employment products but does not have enough Certified Educational Consultants to assist them to.

Therefore you might consider as being a Certified Educational Consultant and a Certified Business Coach with Harriet. You can earn a good monthly income when you follow (copy) their proven proven methods and learn the trade secrets. Anybody can earn good income every month and keep their job.

The programme isn't designed to help to make you right into a millionaire but it can help you earn a great income. It comes with training sessions and certification, it offers Twelve months of mentorship and you'll obtain a Certified Coach to guide you step-by-step.